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We are excited to be able to offer the Canadian Farmer, Rancher, Wildlife Manager, Hunt Club Owner our CanaMaize corn products.

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CanaMaize Seed is a pioneer in the annual corn grazing industry, bringing innovation new products and services to producers. CanaMaize Seed Inc. is a growing seed company producing and marketing the world’s earliest maturing corn varieties. Our products have been developed through our own breeding program exclusively for the Western Canadian and US Great Plains markets. We are an independent Canadian owned and operated business with research and commercial facilities in Minto, Manitoba
Canadian scientists isolated and selected corn “earliness genes” to produce a short stature corn variety that matures with as few as 1900 Corn Heat Units. The CanaMaize Seed breeding program built on the “earliness” trait and the shorter stature of these first varieties. Now, growers have access to new products with enhanced agronomic performance, improved plant characteristics and variety consistency. This allows farmers outside the traditional corn growing regions of Canada and the US to add corn to their rotations.
Since 1999, CanaMaize has been bringing conventional corn varieties to the marketplace. CanaMaize Seed varieties are the earliest maturing corn varieties in the world. High protein levels in mature ears, whole plant palatability and high dry matter yields make it an excellent choice for fall and winter grazing. Reduced height eases harvesting. Short stature and dense cover also makes CanaMaize excellent wild bird habitat.
In 2005, CanaMaize Seed registered their first herbicide tolerant variety CM 533 containing the Roundup Ready® trait, providing additional options for our growers. CM533 is now only available in the USA.

We sell directly to Farmers, Ranchers, Game Preserves, Wildlife Habitat Developers, and Hunt Clubs providing strong technical support to build lasting customer relationships. We maintain high standards of seed quality. Sales are backed by a dedicated breeding and development staff. Through our own breeding program we ensure the availability of unique grazing products and a continuous pipeline of new, higher performing seed products.
CanaMaize really is an AMAZING product. Please take the time to review the site, check out the Products page to review the benefits of CanaMaize for livestock, upland game, waterfowl, and big game.

If you have any questions or for assistance with your purchase please feel free to call toll free 1-877-262-4046

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