Wildlife Habitat Recommendations

Plot Size and Location:

Food and cover plots are most effective when they are over two acres in size. Locating plots within a short distance of water and shelterbelts or bushes will increase the time that game will spend in the cover plot.

Field Selection:

Select land with low trash/residue from prior crop and low weed pressure. Warm and well-drained areas with lighter soils will speed spring emergence. Avoid saline areas and check chemical histories for restrictions to growing corn.

Seedbed Preparation:

Exposing the topsoil will speed soil temperature warm-up and enhance emergence. When zero tillage is used it is recommended to use high disturbance openers.

Fertility Recommended Rates of Actual Product:

Nitrogen 75-95, Phosphorus 37, Potassium 82 and Sulphur 15


Soil temperature should be over 50°F (10°C). Plant between May 5 to May 30 for optimum growth

Seeding Depth:

1 1/4 to 1 3/4 inches

Planting Rate (Food Plots and Grazing):

50,000 plants / acre 50 lb bag = 2.3 acres


8-15″ row spacing is optimal (block every second run on press drills with narrower spacing). Packing soil ensures seed to soil contact. Reduce speed below 5 mph to increase precision of seeding depth.

Weed Control:

Early season weed control is essential. Post seeding burn off helps reduce early problems. Make sure this is done within a few days of planting to avoid seed damage.

There is a wide selection of herbicides designed for field corn that can be used on CanaMaize™.

View our 2015 CM440 Product pagefor herbicide recommendations.

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